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Top 10 really Ugly Dresses

Marc by Marc Jacobs satin insert dress

housemade dress

You know, I can sort of see where Marc Jacobs was going with this.. Oh no, wait. No, I can’t, actually, can I? Because this? This is inexcusable. £280 to look like a downtrodden housemaid from the 1940s? Er, no thanks, Marc. I think we’ll be passing on that one, if it’s all the same with you. I mean, it’s shapeless and saggy and dowdy – a triple, Fashion Police whammy! Why, for the love of Dog, why?

Ruched taffeta dresses from Oasis


OK, so there is clearly something wrong with me. Other than the obvious things, I mean. You see, almost every time I’ve opened a fashion magazine lately I’ve been confronted with the image of one of these ruched taffetta dresses from Oasis. And the magazines aren’t taking the crap out of them, either. No, they’re normally praising all hell out of them, describing them as "must have" items, and generally ignoring the fact that these are quite clearly some of the most hideous dresses to ever grace someone’s back. I mean, am I wrong here? Is it just me? Tell me I’m not going mad… (Or tell me I am. I can take it, I promise. Sort of.)

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