Tools of The Fashion Police trade: The Samsung SGH-F480


If you read our recent "Fashion Police in Florida" article, you’ll already know that we intend to try and get out and about more often, snapping pictures of the various fashion crimes we find on our travels. Well, here’s what we’re going to be doing it with – it’s the Samsung SGH-F480, kindly sent to us by Samsung to try out.

We have to say, we love this phone. It has a 5 mega-pixel camera, which is very good news for those of us who want to be able to take photos everywhere we go. It’s not always easy to pull out a digital camera in the middle of a busy shopping mall, but this phone is small enough to slip into your pocket, so you can whip it out at will.

Then there’s the customization. Like the iPhone, or LG Prada, it’s a touch screen phone (we didn’t expect to like that, but were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use) with a large screen, which makes it easy to see all of your photos. Almost everything can be customised, so we now have ringtones and alarms featuring voice clips we recorded ourselves, for instance, plus photos of all our contacts which flash up on screen when they call us.

Most importantly, we can use this phone to post our pictures directly to the site, so you can see the fashion crimes we find minutes after we do. We can also check our email, browse the site and basically keep up to date with everything that’s happening in the wonderful world of fashion policing, no matter where we are. Oh, and there’s an MP3 player, too.

We’re still playing around with our new toy – we mean "tool" and finding out how it all works. Meanwhile, look out for mobile updates from The Fashion Police soon, and don’t forget, if you have a digital camera or camera phone, we’d love it if you could send us your snaps too!

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