Tomas Maier’s shrug with turtleneck: like an expensive tea cosy

Tea cosy? Beanie hat with blowhole? Nope, it’s a turtleneck shrug, it’s £585 / $929 at Browns.

Now, we admit we can see the usefulness of such an item, especially if it’s worn under a jacket, in which case it’ll look less like a semi-straight jacket, and more like a practical solution to an exposed neck in winter. Scarves do that too, mind you, and we can pick up a scarf for a whole lot less than £585, so we think we’ll probably be passing on this one, sewn-on sequins or not.

What about you, though? Do you want to add a turtleneck shrug to your winter wardrobe? Do you want to pay almost $1000 for one? If so, go here.

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