To the people who keep emailing us about Joan Rivers and her use of fur…

please stop emailing us about Joan Rivers

Over the last couple of hours, we’ve been inundated with angry, and often very abusive emails, all relating to Joan Rivers, who we gather has worn fur, or made some kind of statement supporting the use of fur: we don’t know, because as most of our readers have (hopefully) realised by now, WE ARE NOT THE E! NETWORK. We have no connection to the Fashion Police TV show, or to Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, or anyone else who appears on it. We are unable to answer your questions or concerns about the show, and we are certainly unable to influence how its presenters behave, or what they wear. This is because we are a completely separate organisation, which is not even based in the same country as Joan Rivers and co., let alone in the same building.

For the past few years that the E! Network show has been being broadcast, our “about” and “contact” pages have carried disclaimers stating that we have no connection to the E! Network, as does our Twitter page. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be enough at the moment, so we have made those disclaimers more prominent, and are also posting this message in the hope that some of you will take the time to read it before emailing us, as we’re currently receiving so many messages about this that we can’t answer them all individually.

We understand that you’re all looking for someone to vent your frustration at, but hope you will understand that we are not the right people to vent to, and that you will need to contact The E! Network directly. And trust us: we’re every bit as frustrated with Joan Rivers as you are right now…

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  • August 25, 2014


    Another late reply to an old post–Can anyone STAND Joan Rivers? She is loud-mouthed, crude, abusive, obnoxious and lacks any shred of class–quite unlike this site. It must be beyond frustrating as well as insulting to have people believe you are in any way associated with this person.

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