LOVE the ruffle. Buy it! …

Comment on To Buy or Not to Buy: Dorothy Perkins’ yellow ruffle vest by Gemma.

LOVE the ruffle. Buy it!

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Wear or Die: Denim dresses
Umm…is it really bad that I quite like dress B? And have been considering buying the green version?
I’ll get my coat…:-)

Fashion Police Poll: Do you buy a new winter coat every year?
I tend to have a few coats on the go at any one time…but then I usually buy them second hand. You get a quality coat for bargainous prices! I got a French Connection camel coloured wool coat a few years ago from a charity shop for £10, and last week a houndstooth wool coat on ebay for £13! Both are classics that I’ll still be wearing in years to come.

Fashion Police Poll: Does where you live influence what you wear?
I live in Glasgow which has great clothes shopping and plenty of art students meaning you can get away with pretty much anything. I still manage to be overdressed most of the time though 🙂

Fashion Police Poll: Do you own a “classic” white shirt?
Well…I have one white shirt that I absolutely love. Not expensive – think its was from Wallis in the sale – but its really soft cotton. Its quite loose with a tie that goes round the waist. Its quite long but I’d never wear it tucked in. I like to think it looks kind of effortlessy stylish and can be casual or smart. I do HATE most reasonably priced white shirts though…just make me look like I’m wearing school uniform!

Wear or Die: American Apparel edition
Definitely the shorts. Thats swimsuit just makes me think of Borat…not a good look!

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