I like it, as long as you DON’T wear it …

Comment on To Buy or Not to Buy: Black lace cocktail dress by Pyro.

I like it, as long as you DON’T wear it like Britney.

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Evan Rachel Wood: one night, two dresses – which do you prefer?
I ADORE the one on the right. I really want it for myself.

Wanted! Pretty floral print bra by La Senza
*sniff* It’s out of stock now *bursts out into full-blown tears*

Wear or Die: Panic at the Disco!
At least I wouldn’t run the risk of murdering anybody with the one on the right, and maybe I could just hike the ‘skirt’ on the right up really high to sit down?

Wear or Die: Animal Instincts
The dress.

Fashion Police Checkpoint!
Purple, white, turquoise, and black patterned dress with suede wedge heels.

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