I say buy it and cut off the sleeves. …

Comment on To Buy or Not to Buy: Black lace cocktail dress by Kerry.

I say buy it and cut off the sleeves. Wear it with a black blazer and high chunky black heels a la Gywneth Paltrow: http://www.osoblog.tv/2008/05/the_secret_of_gwyneth_paltrows.html

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The Uni-Lazy: like a Snuggie with legs, or an adult onesie
Whoa! Am I seeing correctly? Do those adult onesies actually have butt flap openings just like baby onesies? *shudder*

Ugly Prom Dress Alert! Taffeta prom dress from Topshop
I reckon if you take away the saddle bags, and the puff sleeves, it wouldn’t be bad…

What’s in your handbag? The Fashion Police want to know…
I have:
Three sets of keys: car, house, work.
Glasses in their case
An apple
Package of pills
1x tampon
Lip Balm
Lip Gloss
Asthma inhaler
Wow, I’m quite restrained actually!

Fashion Police Checkpoint: Tell us what you’re wearing!
Hey Chocoholic, I’m in New Zealand too!
And it is definately Winter here, so I’m wearing:
Pink Federation Sweatshirt Dress
Brown leggings
Brown boots

Wear or Die: Clubwear Edition
Holy hell! Clothes like this are actually commercially made?
Although death is tempting, I choose the leopard print one. There’s not enough Hollywood tape in all of China to make me want to wear the yellow monstrosity!

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