I don’t like the dress too much, it does not …

Comment on To Buy or Not to Buy: Black lace cocktail dress by Mona.

I don’t like the dress too much, it does not look too classic to me, the hemline and the sleeves especially, but the boatneck is nice. It definitely looks classier that the other ASOS dresses…
I agree with Amber, that you may want to pick something that is a bit more springlike – black lace is in my opinion a more winter-like thing, and its all polyester, I’d be afraid that I’d be too sweaty in that. How do you get in? Is it stretchy or is there a hidden zipper? I’d look for other black dresses that you can actually try on, unless you really love this one.

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Style Trial: Pointed toes on shoes
Another Pro/Con is shoe-size and toe length. The toe box of pointy shoes is even smaller, so they can get very uncomfortable. I wear US size 9, and in pointy toed shoes my feet look even larger since I can’t wear the >5 inch heels that would balance out the proportions.

Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now?
Ha, just got dressed. V-neck linen maxi dress in magenta, red-orange flats, green butterfly-wing necklace.

Random Roundup: Monsoon Fusion Spring/Summer 2012 collection
Very cute, but I wonder if the clothes would be awkward to wear, they look terribly short and high-waisted. Maybe someone can go and try them on and report back?

Cleavage: How Much is Too Much?
Sadly, dont’ dress vulgar if you have a rack is easier said than done. I think it is pretty difficult to dress “proper” if you are curvy: too much cleavage is interpreted as vulgar, turtlenecks very easily look dowdy or evoke a porny “librarian”. Current clothes are cut very straight, despite all the talk about hour-glass shapes coming back in fashion (Zac Posen’s stuff you nicely posted is an exception, I hope cheaper brands will take inspiration from it). It is challenging to find clothes that fit a narrow waist and a larger bust at the same time or anything that’s not an empire-waist – which make me look like a milk-maid – and I am not even that near Hendrick’s shape. So I am a bit puzzled what a “tasteful” presentation would be? Does her Mad Men wardrobe work better for her (I have not watched the show much)?

Although I guess celebrities could afford the tailoring… I mainly liked Hendrick’s look because it did remind me of 17th or late 19th century fashion, even if that style is not that fashionable right now, but why not wear something that works with one’s proportions? Lindsey Lohan is sadly trying to fit in a dress that is too small in the top, but then it’s the clothes not the bodies that are the problem.

Wear or Die: The Long and the Short of It
I would go with the right ones, over tights, with a 70s blouse, sunglasses and a floppy hat. The left ones look were likely emergency-knit by McGyver from an unraveled doormat and kebab skewers after some villain locked him up without clothes.

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