I have this dress and was worried about it looking …

Comment on To Buy or Not to Buy: Black lace cocktail dress by Louise.

I have this dress and was worried about it looking cheap but it actually doesn’t look half bad. If you feel the lace you can tell it’s not great but it looks the part. The lining is totally opaque, and the high neckline compensates for the shorter hem. The only thing I would say is that it’s a bit short for me to wear to a fancy restaurant, but I’m taller than most at 5’10” so you could well be fine.

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Style on Trial: Dior’s bubble heeled metallic slingbacks
Love them. The only problem is they’re too high for me (well maybe not the only problem… they’re about $900 too expensive as well).

Fashion Police Poll: Do you iron your clothes?
I’m genuinely shocked at how many people don’t iron. I hate ironing shirts with a passion so I must admit I pay someone else to do those but I iron everything else (bar lycra gym gear) myself generally while watching some trashy TV. How can you stand to go out with crinkled clothes? Plus a good press can make an inexpensive shirt look infintely more expensive.

Vanity Sizing in the Fashion Industry -Who are the worst offenders?
I agree with all of the above but would single out French Connection as a particularly bad offender. I’d consider myself a 10 but have found size 6 clothes in there that are “a bit roomy”. Topshop and Zara get it bang on and I, for one love the long trousers in the Spanish store, much easier to take trousers up than let down and at 5’10” I need the extra inches.
The only shop that size small IMO is Abercrombie and Fitch.

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