Check out your local thrift stores and hunt for something …

Comment on To Buy or Not to Buy: Kate Moss pansy print dress on eBay by Hannah.

Check out your local thrift stores and hunt for something similar (I’ve seen a lot of this kind of 80’s-90’s floral print floating around) – then you’ll end up with the ‘original’ look that this dress is trying to copy, and save a whole lot of cash at the same time!

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More granny-chic with Marc Jacobs’ shirtdress
I actually own a blouse and a skirt quite like these, and there’s lots of potential for 40’s-detective-novel-heroine hotness, but the fact that they’re stuck together is just terrible. I agree that the waistband looks cheap, too!

Victoria’s Secret unveil 2008 Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra
I have to agree with gokarm – it looks like it’s made of plastic rhinestones, and the overall design is kind of ugly.
So, obviously you’d have to have a lot of money and not so much taste.

Style on Trial: Denim Trim Tunic at Forever 21
this is adorable (and very hip)! i think the colors are perfect.

Fashion Police Poll: Do you own a “classic” white shirt?
i don’t find them ‘boring’ at all. i think the trick is to stay far, far away from ‘contemporary’ or ‘updated’ versions of the shirt – those will make you look like a soccer mom. i own a few that are slim-cut with proper buttons and i find them essential for layering with vintage cardigans or pairing with houndstooth/tweed skirts and jackets. you gotta rock the classic sex appeal…

Style on Trial: Menswear inspired lace-up shoes
i completely disagree. they can look adorable if you have a 60’s, skinny, girl-with-a-pixie-cut kind of look. pair ’em with dark denim and button-up shirts or tailored skirts and dresses.

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