I agree with both the pro’s and the con’s stated …

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I agree with both the pro’s and the con’s stated above and I know how sometimes I’m in a store and a dont buy the dress and then it’s killing me for ages (well, actually, just till I go and buy it). Recently I was looking at a lovely ZARA maxi dress and unfortunately I didn’t buy it and now it’s NOWHERE to be found. I’d KILL for that dress. So, sweetie, if you love it and gotta have it, go for it;)

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Attention, America: you can now shop from Zara’s online store!
They still don’t ship to Czech Republic. I sometimes seriously HATE living here.. (though luckily there are enough stores here, not like some other brands, durrrr.)

Going back to studying now (huge exam in a couple hours) – Wish me luck!

Frankenshoes: DSquared2 ‘Skate Moss’ ice boots
I love these! (But then again I’m all for crazy shoes) When I saw them in a magazine I thought they were actual skates 😀 (the angle of the shot was a bit turned so you couldn’t see that they weren’t)

Naya Rivera
all I’m noticing is that the dress is lace and semi-see-through and thus, she should have worn a black bra instead..

Zooey Deschanel at the Fox All Star Party 2011
I really like her so I really want to like what she’s wearing too, but.. maybe if the shoes were heels?

Olivia Wilde at the Berlin premiere of Cowboys and Aliens
agreed on the make-up part, nice!

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