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Style on Trial: Timberland boots

Timberlandboots_2 As far as we’re concerned, Timberland boots will always have a special place on the Fashion Police wall of shame. In the vicinity of Fashion Police HQ, Timberlands are ubiquitous, and are typically worn with tracksuit bottoms and super-high pony tails by people who refer to them as "Timbies". This alone is enough to make us hurl, but even if "Timbies" weren’t so often seen paired with bad fashion choices, we’d still hate them, and we’d hate them, quite simply, because they are ugly.

Chunky, mannish and with the ability to make almost anyone look like they’re off to spend a day on the building site, we firmly believe Timberland Boots should be worn only by those who have a genuine need of a super-sturdy pair of shoes – never as a fashion item. But what do you think?

Timberland Boots are On Trial today: leave us a comment and tell us what you think of them!

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