Would you spend £90 on a pair of tights?

Tights OK, so they’re made from cashmere, silk and wool, and we’re sure they feel very lovely when you wear them, but here’s the thing: they’re tights. Tights. Can they really be worth £90 (about $180), we wonder? Do people really pay that much for a pair of… tights?

Apparently people do, for these are designer tights by Maria La Rosa, and they’re being sold at Browns for the bargain price of – yes, you guessed it – £90. Is it just us, that tends to put our hands through most pairs of tights as soon as we wear them, then? And who couldn’t stand the thought of spending £90 on something that the dog would probably put his little sharp claws into and ruin at the first possible opportunity?

Well, is it? Tell us: would you pay £90 for tights? Is it worth it?

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