Dress of the Day: Tibi Silk Kimono Dress

Tibi Silk Kimono Dress

I crave kimonos right now. Embarrassing admission coming up: I particularly crave them having seen Elle from Neighbours wear them with ever-more frequency. Oh, the shame… This is a style, though, that will take you everywhere: dress it up with pumps and wear it to work, dress it up even more with strappy sandals and a sparkly evening bag and you’ve got the perfect party dress, or dress it down over jeans or leggings for an everyday look. Love it. If only this one wasn’t £240…

Another Dress of the Day: Black Satin Belted Shift Dress from Wallis

Black Satin Belted Shift Dress from Wallis I’m a sucker for a bow. Sorry, but I am. Waist bows, like this one make your waist look waspish, your hips look curvier and are just generally flattering and pretty. Wallis have always been very good at doing “classy” and “elegant”, and this dress is a case in point. I also love the black and gold combination, although I have to say that because I have dress a lot like this one tucked away in a wardrobe somewhere.

Perfect for Christmas parties (although be careful you’re not mistaken for the gift…) – now all you need is some gold shoes to match.

£55 from Wallis

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