Three Things: Printed trousers

three pairs of printed trousers

Forever 21 // Topshop // Zara

Printed trousers appeared on the style scene a couple of seasons ago, and while some of you loved them, and were more than happy to pledge allegiance to our new printed pant overlords, others were reluctant to accept that they’d be expected to walk around with patterned legs all summer long.

We understand both points of view, but in recent months we’ve found ourselves coming down in favour of the printed trousers. They make a nice change from jeans, and if you find the right print they can also be a slightly warmer alternative to skirts and dresses on those chilly summer days we tend to get here in the frozen north of the UK.

Wondering how to wear printed trousers?

>> Stick to block colours on top, rather than another, clashing print.

>> Go for smaller prints or faded colours if you’re worried about looking too clownish: the green trousers on the left will be easier to wear than the other two pairs, for instance.

>> Contrasting shoe colours can work, but choosing shoes in a colour that appears in the print is easier.

Florals tend to dominate the printed trousers scene at this time of year, but there are plenty of other options out there if you’re prepared to look for them. We’ve chosen three pairs of printed trousers, all from the budget end of the market, to get you started, so tell us:

What do you think of printed trousers?

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