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This year’s animal ear hats, from River Island

faux fur hat with animal ears

Last winter, River Island released a selection of knitted hats with animal ears, and everyone went gaga for them. Yes, even you, our trusted fashion force. Suddenly the streets were full of people walking around wearing the type of headgear previously reserved for toddlers only, and talking about how “fun!” and “quirky!” they were being. The word “quirky” was used a lot that winter: those were dark days, indeed… (Question: is it still “quirky” if everyone’s doing it, or is it only quirky when it’s unique?)

Now, it’s happening again. Buoyed by last year’s success (seriously, people were still wearing those hats during the summer), River Island have just released Animal Hats 2.0, and here they are:

River Island hat with earsThis year’s hats offer a level of realism which was missing from the knitted version, and come in a faux fur, designed to look like you’ve actually just scalped the poor animal and are wearing it as a trophy. We know you’ll all love these, so feel free to gush over them in the comments box: just know that you will never tempt us over to the dark side of the Dress Like a Toddler Trend

Click here to buy yourself some hats.

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