This is Not a Plastic Bag. This is a bag made out of recycled rubbish.


If you stood in line to get your hands on Anya Hindmarsh’s ‘I’m Not a Plastic Bag’ tote, here’s one with even better eco-credentials. Made from non-biodegradable juice and sauce packs, each one of these is unique – and they’re not made in factories, either. Dorothy Perkins tell the story behind the bags:

"Two hundred Filipino women decided to band together
and form a co-operative to clean up their neighbourhood. Initially they merely collected rubbish themselves, but as
the concept developed, they installed
big refuse bins at various local collection points such as schools, asking
people to recycle their used packs. As a
result they now collect 50,000 packs a day. The packs are then sorted,
cleaned, sanitized, sewn together and
transformed into the Rubbish Bags. Profits from the factory are divided between all the employees in the

The two styles shown above will be available at Dorothy Perkins from tomorrow.   

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