This is not a fashion victim

Not a fashion victim? Time to prove it…

not a fashion victim t-shirt

Here at The Fashion Police, it’s our job to identify and arrest fashion victims (and then to help them to rehabilitate, obviously: you CAN overcome crimes of fashion, people – it just takes a little bit of time, and a complete change of mindset…), so it’s helpful when people who AREN’T fashion victims make themselves known – which they can now do with the help of this French Connection t-shirt.

Of course, SOME people might argue that paying £30 for a t-shirt is the very definition of being a fashion victim, but we’re going to leave that up to you to decide. In the meantime, here are some articles to help you avoid becoming a fashion criminal yourself: starting off with the ACTUAL definition of “being a fashion victim“.

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How to Walk in High Heels Without Falling Over

We hope these articles will help you keep fighting crimes of fashion. If in doubt, though, remember the main rules of style:

01. Wear what you like, not what’s in fashion

02. Get the perfect fit

03. Pay attention to fabric

04. Keep your clothes in good condition: polish your shoes and iron your clothes!

05. Only wear shoes you can walk in – nothing says “fashion victim” quite like a woman who obviously can’t walk in her oh-so-trendy shoes!

Keep fighting crimes of fashion, folks!

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