Thigh’s The Limit: Marques’Almeida front cut-out trousers

Ugly jeans

For those of you who consider your thighs to be your best feature.

And who have $785 to spend on a pair of mom jeans which have been horribly bullied by Jack the [Fashion] Ripper.

[Click here to buy them]



  • May 10, 2012


    Actually, I do consider my thighs to be my best feature (5’11, baby!) I don’t want to disgrace them with those pants.
    *hides under bed*

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  • May 10, 2012


    I have an old pair of jeans that look rather similar to those. My dog found them during his chewing phase (I never liked them much anyway). Does this mean that I could sell them for $800?

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    • May 12, 2012


      Sew on some lace and sequins and sell them on Etsy!

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    • May 13, 2012


      No, silly! You have to name yourself a Fashion Designer ™ and pay poor Chinese people ten cents a day to make hundreds of copies of your ripped pants. THEN you write your name on them and sell them for $800 dollars.

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  • May 13, 2012


    this site should be called bad fashion police…
    dress of the day Zac posen AHAHHAAH that guy is so 90’s
    and now…
    marques ‘ almeida dont work with chinese, they do it in a studio… these are special items
    if it’s so normal and so boring, why is in every cool magazine as a fashion statement… everyone gives 1000$ for a gucci or a versace pair of chinese jeans and u think this is expensive???
    they work with portuguese factories for the shoes and they work the denim themself, it’s personalized that’s why it’s expensive, it’s fashion, it’s an attitude… it’s not for people who think fashion is a dress we’ve seen a million times before … u should look at zac posen and alexander wang in terms of human exploitation… by the way

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