Sock Horror! ASOS Gipsy Ribbon Lace Up Back Thigh High Socks


It occurred to me recently that I write about socks quite a lot here at The Fashion Police: not because I hate socks, particularly (Oh, OK, I do hate most socks. They’re just not designed to be attractive, are they?), but because there seems to be so much scope for sock designers to get it badly wrong.

Take these lace up knee socks from ASOS, for instance. From the front: reasonably inoffensive. From the back? Er, not so much. Or not unless you actively want men to slow down and ask "how much?" anyway. Those laces will also leave some interesting tan lines if you wear them out in the sun, too. Not, of course, that you would.

If these aren’t enough for you, take a look at our brand new Sock Horror! category to see some of the fantastic footwear we’ve featured in the past. 


  • January 7, 2008


    Yeugh. That is just asking to deal with a whole lot of “Hey baby”. Blech.

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  • January 8, 2008


    You didn’t like it??
    Oh my… I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!
    Where can I buy it? lol

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  • February 2, 2012


    Well for someone who has a leg and foot fetish like me, they are awesome for the gf, if I had one haha.

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