The Met Costume Institute Gala 2007

Lucy liu Met Costume Institute Gala 2007
I just love the sheer drama of this dress, with its extravagent train and rich purple colour. Very flattering and a real show stopper – Fashion Police badge for Lucy Liu, please…

Kirsten Dunst commits crime of fashion

Kirsten dunst Met Costume Institute Gala 2007
So, I had me a nice day off yesterday because it was a bank holiday here in the UK – then I had to break it off so The Fashion Police could respond to an urgent call from members of the public outside the Met last night, who were calling in this most horrendous of fashion crimes…

Kirsten Dunst, we’re arresting you for crimes against fashion. You do not need to say anything, and to be honest, I don’t think there’s anything you COULD say that would excuse this, really. I mean, you’re a pretty girl, you’ve got a great figure – WHY ARE YOU WEARING A FREAKING TENT, KIRSTEN, WHY?

The Met’s Costume Institute Gala: Kate Moss

kate moss Met Gala 2007   Fashionpolice_2

Man, but Kate’s really working the whole “Buy my stuff! Please buy my stuff!” thing, isn’t she? Here she is at the Costume Institute Gala wearing a black version of the orange/red dress she wore in Topshop’s window last week, and accessories with her near-constant companion at the moment, Sir Philip Green, who’s probably so worried that the money he’s invested in Kate recently could go straight up her nose and bring his brand into disrepute that he seems to be accompanying her everywhere. Still, it’s better than being accompanied by Pete Docherty, so have a Fashion Police gold star, Kate, you’re looking good…

Christina Ricci

Christina ricci  Met Costume Institute Gala 2007

Now, I have to admit, I didn’t even recognise Christina Ricci when I first saw this picture. And I’m loving the dress and shoes – the black and white is striking and classic, and the shape of the dress is fabulous – it’s the hair I just can’t quite get my head around. The fringe (or bangs, for the benefit of our US readers) are so heavy, and the bowl-cut look completely changes the shape of her face, making her look like a different person altogether. Your verdicts?

Jessica Simpson makes fashion boob

Jessica simpson Met's Costume Institute Gala

Now, let’s be honest, here: who even cares what Jessica Simpson is wearing when her boobs are practically naked like that? Love the hair, Jess, but the dress? Oh my Lord, the dress… Even Roverto Cavalli, who created the damn thing, is having to look away for God’s sake. And it’s not that it’s a bad dress, exactly…. I mean, we’ve seen worse. Sometimes even on you. No, it’s the boobs, Jessica, the boobs. Just put them away, that’s a good girl. It’ll all be OK…

Jennifer Lopez in Bruno Frisoni

Jennifer Lopez in Bruno Frisoni I’ve been finding myself starting to warm to Jennifer Lopez lately. This is a hard thing for me to admit, because I’ve spent literally years detesting that whole “ghetto princess” thing she does, and it’s kinda hard to get the mental images of the “Jenny from the Block” video out of my head. Still, Jen’s been trying hard with her fashion lately. She’s been a bit less “bling” and a bit more “beauty” and while this Bruno Frisoni dress is still shouting “Look at me, I’m freakin’ J.Lo!”, there’s no denying she’s looking good. Gold star, J.Lo.

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    Can you tell me who this dress is made by?

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