In this case I (and probably the models, too) thank …

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In this case I (and probably the models, too) thank the designer(s) for their choice of hats… This is so ridiculous!!!

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Holy Crap! Ashish, Fall 2011 Runway
I agree, a whole truckload of holey crap!

Oh, boy, this is SOOO new and innovative. Nobody in the last 35 years could ever have imagined wearing an outfit like this – not. 😛 Wait a second! Is that model a MAN??!

I actually own a shirt like this one. As a Halloween costume!

I just LOVE the look on this model’s face! No more words required… 😀

Miley Cyrus at the 2011 Grammy Awards
The dress is unflattering, it makes her look older and broader than she is, and makes her shoulders look like a bodybuilder’s.

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