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The writing’s on the dress: Names Dress by Emma Cook for Topshop


Anyone remember that Beautiful South track, Song for Whoever? That’s what we think of when we look at this dress. “Jennifer, Alison, Phillipa, Sue…” or, in this case, “Nancy, Sheena, Shona, Janet…”

Yes, it’s Emma Cook’s ‘Names’ dress, and even if one of the names happens to be yours, we still think it would set you up for an evening filled with people walking up to you to make “hilarious” jokes about never forgetting names/not being able to remember your own name/whatever. And of course, that may well be the point.

Just to confuse people further, though, you could always go for the sweater version:


It’s covered in men’s names rather than women’s ones. Which is… definitely a conversation starter, we’d imagine.

What do you think, readers? Want to walk around with some strangers’ names on your chest?

Names Dress by Emma Cook, £65, Topshop

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