Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

The Wild Child Leggings by Wildfox. For non-wild adults.

Not particularly wild

Not particularly wild

There is a saying The Fashion Police have always found to be true. The saying is, “If you have to say it, you ain’t it”. You know all those people who go around telling you how “crazy” they are? Ever noticed how they always end up being some of the dullest people around? This is the proof of our little saying. By the same token, we’d be willing to bet that the kind of people who buy and wear these ‘Wild Child’ leggings by Wildfox, will probably be anything BUT “wild”. Instead, they’ll be the kind of people who commit crimes of fashion, you mark our words.

If you’d like to be one of them, though, these are $92 at Karmaloop.

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