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The Way They Wore: Celebrity Fashion Roundup


It's Friday, which means it's time to take a look at what our favourite celebrities were wearing this week. And also what our not-so-favourite celebrities were wearing, because sometimes that's more fun.

taylor swift in blue mini skirt

 Taylor Swift has been in London this week, with her pretty, pretty hair, her little blazer and her little skirt Somehow we always want to use the word "little" to describe her, because she's such a, er, little, doll, isn't she?

Victoria Beckam in polka dot trenchcoat

 Victoria Beckham has spent much of the week at the airport, which we think is where she lives now. We love her coat. And her shoes. Oh, and her bag is pretty sweet, too. So at least there are soem benefits to spending your life on the go.

Katy Perry in tight black and silver dres]

 Katy Perry is in New York, where she attended a party for the launch of her new single. She's very shiny, isn't she?

Rihanna in underwear and blue denim skinny jeans

 Rihanna went shopping in what looks like lingerie.

She totally  rocked this jacket, though, in a way not many people could manage:

Rihanna in yellow blazer

Naomi Campbell in tight blue sequined dress

  Naomi Campbell proved that she still has the body for tiny sequined dresses at the after-party for the Costume Institute Gala.

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