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The Uni-Lazy: like a Snuggie with legs, or an adult onesie


So, everyone’s heard of the Snuggie, right? It’s the blanket with sleeves, and the only thing that’s saved it from Fashion Police arrest is the fact that the Snuggie is designed to be worn in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and we have no jurisdiction there.

Now, though, it looks like the Snuggie has grown legs and walked right out into the open, calling itself the Uni-Lazy. As you can see, it’s basically like an adult onesie. The difference between this and other such products, however, is that the makers of the Uni-Lazy suggest that, rather than just wearing it to bed or around the house, it would be the perfect garment to wear… why, just about anywhere!

Here’s our favourite photo of the Uni-Lazy in action:


“And then they held hands and walked off into the sunset, both of them snug as bugs in their Uni-Lazys…”

Or how about this one:


Homeboys know how to rock da Uni-Lazy!

In conclusion: The Uni-Lazy – making each and every one of us look like giant mutant toddlers!

Are you convinced yet, readers? From the images above, it seems clear that the Uni-Lazy will make your life better: are you ready to slip into your onesie and hit the town? If so, it comes in a range of colours and is $51.71 from Forever Lazy.

[Thanks to Rodney for the report!]
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