The Ugliest Shoes of 2012

The ugliest shoes of 2012

Greetings, Fashion Police officers!

We hope you’re all enjoying a super-stylish holiday season. We’re interrupting the festivities today, however, to continue our look back at the ghosts of fashion crimes past, namely the ugliest shoes of 2012.

This year, as we’ve mentioned before, has not been a good one for footwear. The flatforms of 2011 did NOT continue the reign of terror they’d been planning, thankfully, but instead we found ourselves dealing with something even worse: the hoof shoe. Yes, feet like hooves were all the rage this year, and whether you wanted furry fetlocks or just giant, clompy hooves, you wouldn’t have had any difficulty finding them.

Here are just a few of the horrors we locked up this year: you’ll find the original posts in our shoe archive

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