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The Two Dresses of Jessica Biel: Which is your favourite look?

Jessica Biel

It’s hard work being a celebrity. Honestly, some days you have to wear, not one, but TWO fancy-schmancy dresses one after the other. Which we guess is at least better than wearing them both at the same time, which sounds like something Chloe Sevigny would do. Anyway…

Here’s poor Jessica Biel, forced to wear Valentino (left) to the premiere of New Year’s Eve, and then make a quick change into a white Victoria Beckham number to promote the movie on Letterman. Which look did you prefer, though, that is the question? (The other question is “Why can’t peep-toe boots just DIE, already?”, but we don’t think that one will ever be answered…) Answers in the comments box, if you please…

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