The Suit/Jumpsuit Hybrid is spreading: Alexander McQueen’s ‘trouser dungarees’


Last week, when we arrested Stella McCartney'sbizarre suit/jumpsuit hybrid, we comforted ourselves with the fact that the jumpsuit was probably acting alone: a solitary fashion criminal, rejected by both suits and jumpsuits alike, and forced to find its own way in the world any way it could. For surely there couldn't be more than one of these mutants?

We were wrong. New evidence has come to light which suggests the Stella McCartney jumpsuit had an accomplice: this so-called "trouser dungaree" by Alexander McQueen. Which basically proves that there is no God, doesn't it?

Now, we find the suit above less obnoxious than the Stella McCartney version, true, but we're still struggling to understand just where these items would fit in in the world. The suit is too formal (and slightly old-fashioned) for the piece to be considered really "edgy", and the kind of offices where this style of trouser suit is part of the dress code aren't likely to be the kind of offices where turning up in a jumpsuit is likely to go down well with the boss.

The only place we can see it fitting in, in other words, is in the Fashion Police jail. Which is where it's headed now. If you want to rescue it, we're afraid it's going to cost you £395.

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