Crimes of Fashion

The Snazzy Napper: it’s the snazzy way to sleep, y’all!

Do you worry about looking snazzy while you sleep, readers?

Well, this guy – or gal, it’s impossible to tell – clearly doesn’t: s/he is more concerned with looking like a fugitive from justice instead. Or possibly a corpse that’s been covered with a blanket to avoid alarming the other passengers. Hmmm.

Don’t worry, though, our blanketed friend isn’t actually in hiding (or, you know, dead): he’s simply protecting his privacy while he sleeps, using the Snazzy Napper, which, as you can see, is a blanket with ventilation holes, which you can attach to your head, thus ensuring that no one will catch you in one of those private moments.

Yeah, we thought it was a joke too, at first.

Actually, the more we think about this, the more we can understand why it came into being. After all, there’s nothing more embarrassing than waking up on a plane (or bus, or train, or whatever), only to find that you’ve been lying there with your mouth open, a string of drool hanging from chin to chest, and all your fellow passengers looking on and laughing, is there? Or is the Snazzy Napper itself more embarrassing than that, we wonder? Is this one of those cases where the solution is almost as bad as the problem? Let’s find out.

Which would you rather do, readers:

a) Be seen sleeping in public.


b) Be seen in a Snazzy Napper in public.

The choice is yours. And if your choice happens to be “Snazzy Napper, please”, then you can click here to buy one for $14.99 (or $24.99 if you want the extra large version).

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