The shape of skirts to come? Pannier skirt from River Island


We should probably begin this post by pointing out that the skirt you see before you doesn't have ACTUAL panniers in it to make it stick out at the hips like that. Or not so far as we know, anyway. It just looks like it does, which may be almost as bad, depending on your point of view.

This style of skirt is slowly gaining prominence in the fashion word at the moment, and you've probably noticed some examples here on this very site. You should expect to see even more of them in the stores soon, because skirts with giant hips are being touted as one of the "big" (no pun intended) looks for this winter. One the one hand, we guess it will help make your waist look smaller. On the other, though, and at the risk of stating the obvious, it will do this at the expense of making your hips look bigger. Much bigger.

Is it worth the trade-off, we wonder? Will you suffer inflated hips for the sake of a smaller (looking) waist, or would you rather just retain your natural proportions?

If you're going for the former option, and would like to do so in this very skirt, it's £34.99 and you can buy it at River Island.

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