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The Resume Tee gets you hired. Possibly.


In these dark days of economic decline, it’s important to market yourself in any way you can – and if that means pimping your mad filing skillz while you’re standing in line at the supermarket, well, so be it. The Resume Tee lets you walk around with your entire resume printed on your back, while your front bears a funny/cheeky/pushy message advertising the fact that you’re “available”. If that sounds ever so slightly desperate to you, well, you’ve probably never found yourself out of work with two months rent due…

The shirt comes with a bunch of pre-defined slogans to choose from, including the simple “hire me”, the pragmatic “My resume is on the back of my shirt” and the cheeky “Your future employee”, plus a few more. Or, of course, if you really want to show how creative you are, you can make up your own. These are $20 from Blackbird Tees, and there are also versions available for freelancers.

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