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The pleated maxi dress: The Fashion Police’s old nemesis

Oh no. Not again. Please tell us our old nemesis the pleated maxi dress isn’t making a comeback? It is? Is it too late to leave the country, do you think?

Drab, shapeless, and flattering to no one we can think of, this dress is the stuff Fashion Police nightmares are made of, and yet it got a great reception on ASOS’s Facebook page, so perhaps we’re the only ones who think it would be an excellent way to convince people you’d joined a religious cult.

Are we the only ones? Did you squeal in delight at the sight of this dress? Well, far be it for us to deprive you of it, so you can click here to buy it, but before you do: enlighten us. Tell us why you love it and how you’d wear it. If you can convince us, we’ll be amazed…

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