The most unflattering pants ever?


Wide of thigh and tapered of ankle. High of waist and pleated of front. If you were to ask me to give you my idea of the most unflattering pants in the world, I’d probably more or less describe the ones above to you, which is why I did a double-take when I saw them on the Mango website. There they were, the tapered-leg trousers that haunt my nightmares, staring me straight in the face! Where’s the Holy Water when you need it?

You know, with most fashions, there’s a tiny part of me that can see why other people would like them. Take leather trousers, for instance. I wouldn’t wear them myself, but I can see why other people would wear them. Ditto platform soled shoes. These, though? I can’t imagine any figure these would flatter. Can you?

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