The Importance of Developing a Uniform

Today at The Fashion Police, we’re talking about the importance of developing a “uniform”:

Importance of Developing a Uniform

Whoops! Sorry, wrong kind of “uniform!”

No, we’re not suggesting you should dress as a soldier, or a nurse, or cabin crew, or wear any other kind of traditional uniform every day. Well, not unless you actually ARE in one of those professions, obviously, in which case, uniform away!

When we talk about “uniforms” in the context of style, we’re referring to those go-to items: the clothes which are most “you”. The items you can pull out of the closet without even thinking about it, and know you’ll look good – and, more importantly, FEEL good, in them. The items that make up a uniform tend to be the things we wear most often, for exactly that reason. They’re the pants that fit so perfectly that you buy them in every colour; the jacket you can throw on over anything and feel instantly pulled together; the colours that you know suit you best, and work with everything else in your closet. This “uniform” may not be the most interesting or experimental outfit you ever wear, but it tends to form the basis of lots of other looks, and on those days when you get out of bed and everything you try on makes you want to crawl right back into it, the “uniform” is that failsafe fallback option that you can always depend on.

Our uniform would probably consist of…

♥  J. Crew ‘Minnie’ pants – ideally in black, but we’d buy them in every colour if we possibly could.We’ve written about these before, but they really are our perfect black pants.

Stripe, boat-neck top: We like Zara’s selection, but we’re not fussy.

Red pointed flats or heels, depending on where we’re going and what we’re doing

A trench coat (for warm weather) or classic camel coat if it’s cold.

A roomy leather shoulder bag

Big sunglasses: because some days it’s not a uniform you need so much as a disguise…

What’s your uniform?

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  • January 20, 2014


    – Grey stretch jeans
    – Top or T-shirt with a scoop neck
    – Cardigan that has not the same colour as the top, but also is not clashing with it
    – Grey/black ankle boots or a simple pair of grey/black oxford shoes
    – Small handbag, about the size of a paperback
    – I usually wear my really long hair in a low bun

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  • January 21, 2014


    – Heavily padded pushup bra (just to fill out ordinary dress sizes…)
    – straight leg, narrow, dark blue jeans
    – ribbed crew neck or turtleneck sweater made from silk or another “cool” material
    – a tailored jacket (leather, wool – something a bit structured)
    – a great belt
    – a medium-sized handbag
    – short boots with heels and cushioned soles (love them and hope they will never go out of fashion)

    and (taataa! and shame at the same time)

    – compression kneesocks (it helps that they are unrecognizable as medical devices, and they do keep fatigue at bay, it is incredible. Love the feeling of *not* feeling my feet.)

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  • January 21, 2014


    – Skinny jeans in a solid colour (navy, khaki, pink, coral, or white in summer)
    – Breton striped top
    – Ankle boots or low wedge flats
    – Snood aroung the neck
    – Pearl earrings
    – Large brown leather bag
    – High ponytail

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  • January 23, 2014


    I hate my uniform is is so boring, it usually consists of – skinny jeans, a scruffy top and an even scruffier hoodie. Would love to wear smart pencil dresses but I don’t think I have the figure for them!

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  • January 24, 2014


    Cardigan, cami, pencil skirt, boots or ballet flats

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