The harem pant jumpsuit undergoes the Victoria’s Secret Model test

Modelling for Victoria's Secret: not all it's cracked up to be, sometimes

Here’s a simple test you might want to use if you’re trying to decide whether an item of clothing will be flattering to wear or not. We use it sometimes when we’re interrogating possible fashion criminals, and we call it the Victoria’s Secret Model test. It works like this:

1. Take one Victoria’s Secret model. Any one will do.

2. Force her to try on the item you suspect may be a closet criminal. (No pun intended.)

3. Observe. Is the item flattering on the model? No? Then it sure as hell isn’t likely to be flattering on too many of the rest of us either: test failed!

Of course, there was never really any question about the status of this harem-pant jumpsuit. It has “guilty” written all over it. (It’s also available in leopard print, but Victoria’s Secret haven’t provided a photo of that. We wonder why?) We just hope Alessandra Ambrosio is thinking hard about her paycheck as she stands there modelling it!



  • January 29, 2010


    Ugly on model = ugly on you.

    She looks like she took a huge dump in her pants.
    .-= Brie´s last blog ..But, But, But, It’s For OLD People!: Unusual clothing catalogs. =-.

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  • January 29, 2010


    I tend not to worry too much about having the most stylish coverup, but if I look like I’ve got a saggy baggy diaper on underneath it, odds are even I won’t look at it twice. Blech.

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