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The Harem Hall of Shame: where harem pants go when they get arrested by The Fashion Police


 It's well established that harem pants are Public Enemy # 2 as far as The Fashion Police are concerned (Public Enemy # 1 : Crocs) so, as you can imagine, this is a particularly busy time for us as we struggle to arrest all of the harem crimes we find around the web.

Rather than bring you news of each new drop crotch crime as it happens, however, we thought we'd just round 'em all up and dump them in the same place. That place we call The Harem Hall of Shame, and here are just a few of its inmates. These aren't necessarily the WORST harem pants we've ever seen, they're just the latest – remember, harem pant crimes are on the rise, and if you see one it's your duty to report it to The Fashion Police!

Above: ASOS crinkle jersey harem pants


Vanessa Bruno jersey harem pants. Compared to the pants at the top of the page, these aren't too bad, until you realise Net-a-Porter are describing them as "track pants". You know, like you'd wear to the gym? We'd hate to see someone try to use the stationery bike in these…


Vero Moda wet look harem pants. There is never a good reason to be wearing wet look harem pants. Never.


Harem pants for men. Again: no need!


Harem jeans. They make The Fashion Police cry.


Harem jumpsuit. The queen of the harem.

And the most worrying thing of all? There's plenty more where that little lot came from…

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