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The Harem Hall of Shame – Part 3


The Harem Hall of Fame: it's where harem pants go when The Fashion Police arrest them, and thanks to the harem crime wave currently sweeping the world, it's starting to look pretty crowded.

Within the jail, some harem pants naturally try to lord it over the others, bullying them and generally making a nuisance of themselves. The Zimmermann harem pants shown above fall into that category: in fact, just last week they were caught trying to escape from the jail with fifteen other inmates hidden in their crotch area. They almost succeeded, too, because, well, it's hard to tell the difference with harem pants, isn't it?

Look under the jump for some more drop-crotch criminals…


  Purple cotton harem pants from Dorothy Perkins. Oh, Dotty, we've come to expect better from you!


  River Island's harem trouser play suit – giving you the body shape of a loveable cartoon character, aww!


 It costs 377 euros to look this deformed…


Extreme harem trousers from Topshop. On the plus side, you could wear them on holiday and you'd get almost ALL your luggage in the crotch – hello, extra baggage allowance! On the minus side… well, the picture speaks for itself, no?

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