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The Harem Hall of Shame – Part 2


The Harem Hall of Shame (a special section of the Fashion Police jail where harem pants are isolated for their own protection. And also because we don't want them teaming up with the peep toe boots that are also incarcerated there) is starting to look a little crowded again, so we figured it was time to parade our latest batch of prisoners before you.

Leading the parade this month are these saggy beige pants from La Redoute (who have embraced the current drop-crotch "craze" with enthusiasm), which look to us like the kind of clothing you'd only wear if you were so old you were unable to wear "normal" clothes – or, indeed, to notice that your crotch was now hovering somewhere in the vicinity of your knees.

But there's more…


  Topshop are all about the 80s right now, and if that means they have to make their harem pants bright pink, then by God, they'll do it!


Ah, the harem jean: that most puzzling of items! Whereas at least most "regular" harem pants look like the crotch is that way by design, the crotches on harem jeans always look like they're that way by accident – or because their owners are wearing someone else's clothes by mistake. The cuffed ankles earn them extra penalties.


  Convertible harem pants: they can be worn as either trousers or as a jumpsuit. Isn't that, er, smashing?

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