The Hairy Underwear Collection, by Nutty Tarts

We’re telling you, kids, anything goes these days in the world of fashion. Seriously, not only can you now wear your pubic hair ON TOP OF your knickers, you can also apparently wear your knickers on top of your tights.

And that’s not all you can do…

Hairy leggings! Because why on earth not?

Guys aren’t forgotten either:

Chest hair! On a shirt!

Now, we’d imagine these items aren’t going to be worn much outside of the home (and by “much”, we mean “at all”), but you know what we like most about the Nutty Tarts website, which is where you can purchase all of these? We love the fact that if you purchase the full set, they’ll also send you this:

Yup, it’s a paper bag for your head. Gotta love a site with a sense of humour.

Get them all here.

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