The Fashionland Ripper Strikes Again: Marios Schwab for Topshop


  This afternoon The Fashion Police are investigating reports of a mysterious "ripper" who has been targetting clothes around the UK… Oh no, wait: our mistake: it's just another Marios Schwab for Topshop collection. Excuse us while we call off the search…

So, these two pieces (that's just one grey dress, by the way, showing the front and back views) are by Marios Schwab, and they're £55 each at Topshop. We'd recommend wearing something underneath the grey one to avoid serious wardrobe malfunction,obviously. Now, personally we prefer not to look like we just got into the kind of Dynasty-style cat fight that results in your clothes getting pulled apart, but that's just us: what do you think of these dresses? There's a definite 80s vibe going on here (you know, just for a change), but is it all too much, or will you be beating a path to Topshop's door for them?

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