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The Facebook Dress: Be Your Own Social Network

We know Halloween has been and gone, but that’s OK, because this isn’t actually fancy dress (although it could be argued that it is A fancy dress): it’s by Romanian designer Lana, and it’s a customisable piece which is not only made to your measurements, but can also be made with your Facebook profile on the front. (Well, it would be a bit weird to have some random chick on your chest, wouldn’t it? Although, maybe not that much weirder than having your own face on your chest, we guess. Something to ponder…)

The site selling this dress cheekily promises you’ll get “all the ‘likes’ and comments you crave” while wearing it, but we’re going to let our readers be the judge of that. Do you like the idea of wearing Facebook? Or do you find yourself wishing for a “dislike” button right about now?

(Click here to buy it)

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