The Emperor’s New Chandelier Lace Dress

Oh dear: looks like the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes again! Or rather he she is, but given that the black body suit isn’t actually part of the “dress”, we don’t think it counts, making this so-called “dress” one of those completely pointless items that cost £45, and are basically a way to allow to effectively walk around in your underwear. “But I AM wearing a dress!” you can say, all innocence. “And look, it almost comes down to my knees: why, it’s really quite modest!”

Sorry, but we’re not buying it. We know you just spent £45 on an almost-invisible dress, and we will never understand why you did it. If it all makes perfect sense to you, however, you may click here to buy it, Emperor…


  • February 23, 2011


    Oh, but it looks so sweeeet! Over that bodysuit, or whatever she’s wearing… So beautiful. As a costume.

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  • February 28, 2011


    RT @fashionpolice: New Post: The Emperor’s New Chandelier Lace Dress –…

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