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The Curse of the Cutout Jackets Spreads: Cynthia Rowley jacket is latest victim

Something missing?

Something missing?

Following on from the Dion Lee blazer we showed you last month (you know, the one that didn’t have any elbows?), The Fashion Police are saddened to report that attacks on defenceless jackets are continuing, across the world. The latest victim is this Cynthia Rowley jacket, which appears to have had part of its back removed by an un-named attacker.

What was the motive for this crime? We’re dammed if we know. We do realise that a nice pair of shoulder blades can be sexy, but the grey t-shirt you can see under this jacket? Not so much. And if you did wear it with nothing underneath, in a bid to show off your shoulders, well, you clearly have a better tolerance of the cold than we do.

The jacket in question is currently recovering from its ordeal at a Fashion Police safe house. If you’d like to offer it a more permanent home, you’ll need to cough up $365 to Shopbop.

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