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The Backless Dress: ideal for very changeable weather. Or something.


Ah! All the cosiness of a long-sleeved sweater dress, but with a whopping great hole at the back for those times when it gets unexpectedly toasty, but only on your back. No, that's never happened to us, either, but isn't it reassuring to know that there are fashion designers out there providing for every possible eventuality?

(Actually, given that there have been so many of these "Back Vents" appearing in dresses lately, we're actually growing concerned. Do fashion designers know something we don't? Is climate change about to take a turn for the peculiar? Are human beings about to evolve in such a way that it will soon be necessary for our clothes to be bare backed, to provide room for… for what, we wonder? Tentacles? Humps? Lovely lady lumps? It's food for thought, readers. Food for thought.)

The backless dress has just been reduced to £32 in the ASOS sale, and we'd recommend wearing it with pants, if you don't want your butt to be as breezy as your back.

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