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Thayer’s ‘Flatter’ top: not particularly flattering…


Had this been a dress rather than a top, it would’ve been a clear candidate for Ugly Prom Dress of the Day. It’s clearly channelling that large-shouldered, cheap satin, be-ruffled look so beloved of the makers of 80s prom dresses, isn’t it?

As it is, however, it’s merely a candidate for a fun night of line dancing, worn with a denim skirt, a pair of cowboy boots and a sassy attitude, in a small town where people still play Billy Ray Cyrus songs and wear "leisure pants" on the weekend.

"A bold neckline flatters any frame," says Shopbop, with touching optimism. Er, no, it really doesn’t, but if you think it’ll flatter yours, it’s $176.

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