Stuck Together Clothes Crimes: The shirt that is also a cardigan, that is also a dress

Thakoon cardigan shirt dress

This is a cardigan shirt dress. Three little words, which would normally denote three little separate items of clothing, but which, thanks to the wonder that is fashion, have been combined into one.

It’s Stuck Together Clothing of the highest degree, people. And, strangely enough, a “cardigan shirt dress” is every bit as bad as it sounds, isn’t it?

Designers of the world, The Fashion Police beg you: please, make your damn minds up. Decide whether you want to make a dress, a cardigan OR a shirt. Resist the impulse to stick ’em all together. Relax. It really can be that simple… if you let it.

Oh yeah, and this is $890. If that’s not a crime of fashion, we don’t know what is…

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  • July 11, 2012

    Carolina W

    What makes it even worse is the ugly fabric they chose for the cardigan, and the fact they used that fabric to make those pockets on the front. Ew!

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  • October 3, 2012


    Run!!! It’s the Franken shirt!! Fashion officers I need backup! Bring extra eyeball bleach, we need a lot!!!!

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