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Tesco bans shoppers from wearing pyjamas in their store: were they right?

Don't wear them to Tesco...

Pyjamas in public: The Fashion Police have so far been fortune enough to avoid seeing this phenomenon in action, but we know from our spies on the ground that it’s becoming increasingly common – not just in supermarkets, but on college campuses and at the school gate, too.

Now UK supermarket giant Tesco has become the first supermarket chain in the UK to introduce a dress code specifically forbidding customers to shop in pyjamas: the St Mellons store in Cardiff has put up printed notices at the doors, and has already had several pj-clad patrons escorted from the premises for flouting the rules by turning up in nightwear, including dressing gowns and slippers. Meanwhile, the headteacher at a UK primary school has sent letters home to all parents asking that parents arriving to collect children after class at least take the time to put on some kind of clothing before leaving the house.

Tesco say their new policy has been introduced in response to customer complaints. The dress code states:

“To avoid causing offence or embarrassment to others, we ask that our customers are appropriately dressed when visiting our store (footwear must be worn at all times and no nightwear is permitted).”

What we want to know, then, is this: were Tesco right to turn real-life Fashion Police and ban nightwear from the aisles?

One of the first customers to be escorted from the premises clearly didn’t think so. She said:

 “If you’re allowed to wear jogging bottoms, why aren’t you allowed to wear pyjamas in there, that’s what I don’t understand. It is ridiculous and stupid. I go in other shops in my pyjamas and they don’t say anything. They should be happy because you’re going to spend all that money.”

Meanwhile, Sky News presenter Colin Brazier gave the argument for the defence:

 “If you can’t be bothered to change out of your night-clothes, it’s not likely you possess any of the aptitudes which make the world around us a better place; stoical parenting, self-less duty to others, or the ability to hold down a job.”

But what do YOU think? Are you offended by the sight of people in pyjamas, nightgowns and dressing gowns out in public? Or do you think it’s absolutely fine to just roll out of bed and hit the street? Tell us!

[Pyjamas: Paul Frank]

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