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Style on Trial: Taylor Swift’s new ‘do

Taylor Swift in a red dress and bangs

At a time when only the “edgy” are deemed acceptable in the fashion world, and to be “unexpected” is, like, the most important thing EVER, Taylor Swift often finds herself facing the charge of “always looking the same”. Poor Taylor. We actually feel quite sorry for her, to be honest. Perhaps we’re really unusual in this respect, but we don’t know many people in real life who dramatically “switch up” (Oh, how we hate that expression!) their style, and wear something radically different every day – most people just work out what they like/what suits them, and then go with it – so we’re not really sure why celebrities are expected to be, well, unexpected all the time. But we digress.

This week, Taylor made a token attempt to look a little bit different at the Billboard Women in Music luncheon this week, and rather than turning up in a princessy dress and curls, she turned up in a princessy dress without curls. And with a fringe/bangs too.

Now, we think she looks fabulous here, but we really struggle to care about the whole MUST! BE! EDGY! AT! ALL! COSTS! thing, so you tell us: what do you think of Taylor’s new(ish) look? Do you love it? Hate it? Feel completely and utterly indifferent to it? Tell us in the comments…

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