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Style on Trial: Tassel top from River Island



Ah, tassels, our old nemesis! It’s no secret around Fashion Police HQ that if an item can be described as “tasseled”, we’re probably not going to love it – or even like it – and that has definitely proven to be the case with this top from River Island, which looks to us like it has someone’s hair stuck to it. A bit like the sartorial equivalent of Samara from The Ring, come to think of it, and now that we have thought of it, we just can’t get the image out of our mind. That top is coming to get us for sure, and we’re thinking the safest place for it would be The Fashion Police jail.

But of course, that’s just us. Your intervention here could save this item from prosecution, so tell us: is it really a crime of fashion, or do you find it innocent of the charges against it?

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